What it was like NOT to blog for a whole year!

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blogAs I sit here looking back at the last year, I am so grateful all that we have achieved in our lives. 2017 was very, very good to my family and I 😉

For the first time in my life I feel like I had arrived into myself and found a kind of inner peace that I know many people are seeking in life. I’m not going to lie the year had it’s ups and downs but it was all about putting me and my life in the spotlight where it needed to be.

What has this got to do with blogging? What has it got to do with business and how is it related to how I help people?

Taking a whole year away from consistently writing on my blog allowed time to take the space that I felt I needed to be selfishly self caring and to put myself first. I wanted to spend the year focusing on myself, my career and my family. To be totally honest, blogging was not a priority and I never believed I was much good at it.

I used to feel like I was chasing my tail and not getting anywhere. I gave, gave and gave of myself to others and had this high expectation that some day I’d receive the same level in return. What I discovered this year is that there is nobody on this earth to give you a level of care that only you can give yourself. Luckily I have also learned to focus on people who are authentic, real and have the same values as we do. It’s made a huge difference.

The idea of abandoning this blog was purely selfish and an opportunity to immerse in other things, to grow and to learn in 2017. It was time to stop feeling sorry for myself and start feeling grateful and my living life in a way that was based on gratitude.

I’m fortunate to have the most wonderful circle of close friends and many of those I have met online. In fact many of my online relationships started with me sharing my own content OR even better, sharing theirs.

It led to connections, conversations and opportunities that in turn led to friendships, business and a whole new world for my family.

In 2017 I felt that I lost my voice a bit from the perspective of writing for business. However this time and space was needed in order to grow and experience things, to learn new things and get different results that I can share and teach others.

time to find ME

Many of my friends and family know that in the last year I took time to find myself and a big part of that was my physical health. I worked hard to lose weight and condition my body and to be honest I became very obsessed. The goal was to complete a photo shoot and that I did with as much energy and passion as I thought I could muster.

Physical transformation was not the only thing I focused on. The time away from blogging and hustling or working on other projects gave me space without pressure to discover who I am, what makes me tick and what lights me up. It gave me time to grow in a career and a role that I very much love.



The time has allowed me to grow internally and to have the confidence to believe that I am good enough to help others and that what we create is actually a part of our development and can help others who are on their journey too.

The social media marketing space has been so good to me and I have some very special relationships from within it who will remain my friends forever. 2018 is the year that I intend to share my voice again.

Blogging has never been something that I particularly enjoyed and many of my articles I felt were forced and did not truly reflect my opinion or experience.


2017 was also about giving to others. Working alongside the team at Agorapulse has been the highlight of my career online so far. Every waking moment is spent questioning how to bring a better performance to our team, managers and customers.

Working with amazingly talented people like our CEO Emeric, CTO Ben and CMO Michael was like an exciting baptism of fire where I finally stepped in and owned what I am really, really good at. It’s been the opportunity that millions of people would do anything for and it is my home, it;s where I am thriving and growing and feel like I’m making a real contribution to people.

Your own success really comes from focusing on how you can help others. Your customers, your team, your superiors and yourself. If you can walk tall in the knowledge that what you do is with the spirit of helping them, you’ll thrive.

Very important to know that if you give to yourself and make sure that your cup overflows with love, creativity, gratitude that what flows over can be freely given to others and that what remains in the cup is for you, you’ll thrive and be able to give more.

I was blown away by that message from Iyanla Vanzant.

2018 – what now?

I’ve never been so energised about a new year as this one. The universe has put everything into place for me and I’m focusing on my word for 2018 – THRIVE.

2018 is about growing and learning more in my role at Agorapulse. It’s about helping our team and it’s about learning how to become a better sales leader. The mission you are on in life really is about the impact that you can make on others if you can do that in your daily work, you’ve got success right there.

Blogging? You betcha! This is a pretty rusty first blog in as many months but I’m excited to end the year with my words on a screen and feel ready to share my experiences, learnings and knowledge with people who have not learned it yet.

To be honest, I think most of my content will come in the form of video or audio as the ability to really express myself often falls short in written word.

I have much to offer on the pages of this blog and hope that you’ll come for the journey. You’ll find articles about sales processes, experiences, tips aand any other valuable content that I think is going to help people who want to make more of an impact online.



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