How to Turn Your Backstory into a Profitable Business

Whats’ your story?

Is there something keeping you up at night? A dream, a passion a drive to align your vision with a reality?

If the answer is yes, I can identify with you.

In this post, I am going to share with you how I went from a full-time stay at home mum of two gorgeous little boys to a full-time Senior Director of Sales for a global software company and at the same time, started to build my own passive income online.

You have a dream, a passion and you deserve to achieve it. This is where I share with you all I learned on how to do that and what I am going to do to bring me and my family to the next level.

  1. The Struggle is Real

I remember so clearly, sitting on my bed watching the tipping point that started a tsunami of economic nightmares for families, businesses and countries all over the world.

It was January 2008 and we had no idea what lay ahead, nor the impact that it would have on our little family who had upped sticks from Dublin and moved to the West of Ireland.

We had two rental properties in Dublin and €550k in mortgage debt + the monthly rent to pay and no idea how we were going to do it.

2. What you Believe You Receive

Anyone who knows me a long time, understands the internal struggles I had with believing in myself. It roots way back to school days and a consistent flow of mental and emotional abuse at the hands of people who were supposed to lift me up in education and years of bullying.

I don’t blame them anymore, that pain is gone, but I do now see why I struggled in my early career and with money. It is all linked to limiting beliefs as a result of the messaging I got in school as a young girl.

Anxiety, fear, dependancy, imposter syndrome, and sabotage all marred me for many many years. It led to low paying jobs, two failed businesses and a lot of low self-esteem.

Overcoming the demons of the past and finding ways to do that has been mentally, emotionally and spiritually freeing and once I started to do this personal work, the money, success and growth started to flow inwards.

It’s a daily work in progress, but I believe that doing the personal work is the root to building you up and getting you ready for the successes in life to come.

The turning point and the chink of light that showed me I was good enough and that anything was possible was a Tony Robbins event. The journey of self-care and self-development began and now I know is directly linked to what I have manifested in life today.

3. Some things you Can’t Control

Back to the recession. By 2011, it had landed on our own door step. My brave, courageous and wonderful husband had left his sales role in jewellery distribution and started his own distribution company here in Ireland. He worked tirelessly, driving the 36-counties selling his watches and we had a great first year.

In fact, we had never turned over so much money. It was quite overwhelming, but we thought the recession was going to by-pass us.

Not to be, we got hit too when the brand he bought into was part of a reverse take-over and his business disappeared within three weeks and again we were left with debt, dismay and a lot of combined depression.

The feeling of desperation from that time will never leave me, even today when I unconsciously moan about what we don’t have, I bring myself back to that year and realise how lucky we are today.

The worst part was that I was not working and as a self-employed person, Jason was not entitled to any social supports at all.

WTF!!! Were we going to do?

4. The Internet Can Change Your World

I had heard of the millionaires and the online world, but it was so far from what I had ever experienced that I did not believe it was something I could dare to dream about.

That life was for San Francisco based people. Not a girl with two boys, a husband and dog living in remote Ireland.

To supplement our lost income, I started minding local kids to earn our weekly grocery bill and pay our bills. It was hard work because I am not a natural mother nature, but I loved them and it allowed me stay at home and be there for our two boys.

In the meantime, Jason was studying to become a qualified financial advisor. He needed to get something stable and to generate an income from the only industry that was starting to hire. I will never be more grateful for the sacrifices he made for us.

One night, in 2011 I sat at the kitchen island in the house we were renting. With a broadband dongle, sitting in a plastic sandwich bag and hanging out the window for connection. I googled these words:

“How To Make Money From Home”

I remember saying to myself that night, there was no way that I was going back to Dublin and never was I going back to a corporate job to slug in the 9-5.

Hours and hours later, I had entered my credit card and been burnt to the tune of $2000 for some spammy, fake and awful MLM program that was not even real. It was hear wrenching and worse, was I had to tell Jason what I’d done.

A few days later, with determination and a lot of fear the search started again and finally, I found something.

“Build your online VA business” 

My very first business was born. Virtual Office Worx turned over €11,000 in it’s first year, and we felt that we had won the lottery.

5. You Need A Turning Point

In my case the turning point and new direction came in 2013, when one night I was sitting on Twitter sharing content about Facebook.

I’d fallen in love with Facebook, it was generating leads, helping me nurture relationships and the business had quickly started to pivot to a social media service agency.

February 2013, was my turning point and the start of an 8 year journey to eventually lead me to my role as Senior Director of Sales at Agorapulse today.

Is there an ROI from online relationship building? This tweet shows you there is and the profit from it keeps on giving today.

6. Find your Guide

I can’t express this enough. If you want to win in your online business, serve your people and make plenty of money guilt free then you need to find you guide/s.

For me there have been so many. Looking back at that tweet, Emeric was the very first online friend and mentor who saw things in me that I never saw myself. Today, he remains an important friend and coach and of course he is still our CEO at Agorapulse.

In between there have been so many others and I realised that success is not something you can do alone. We all need help from people who can show us who we are through a different lens.

Moira Geary, Justin Welsh, Matthieu Langerard. The team I serve at work, the peers I get to collaborate with, the community all over the world who cheered me on when I could not do it myself.

You MUST find your guide/s to support you along the way. Do not try and do this alone.

7. The Outcome Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

It’s April 2021 and today, I am sitting at the kitchen table where my very first business was born. I’m living a life that was beyond my wildest dreams in 2011.

Jason is now also a part of the Agorapulse world and started his career in Customer Success. This journey for us is all part of the big picture today and for tomorrow.

We are earning the money we never thought we could with a combination of the full-time gig and my coaching business.

The dreams of educating our boys privately are coming true, they are flourishing. The home we always wanted is beautiful and it’s ours!

The debt we had is gone and the sun of possibility is streaming through the windows, as I sit here and finally realise what my calling to serve other people is.

As I continue to help Agorapulse and the team to grow there, I am also developing my sales empowerment coaching, consultancy and online learning products.

Take some time, sit down and review your story to date. Knowing your backstory will help you get to your magic numbers and you’ll be able to sell and grow with passion, strength and tenacity to get the life you deserve.

That’s my plan… are you with me?


PS: Massive hat tip to Justin Welsh for inspiring this piece 🙂 

These days I can be found helping to empower business owners to sell with confidence with my unique approach using NLP and my experience from the last 10+ years.

Email me for more: [email protected]




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