How to Increase Your Audience Size For Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

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How to Increase Your Audience For Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

How to Increase Your Audience size For Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

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Would you like to know how to increase your audience size for your Facebook advertising campaigns?

Every week I ask members in my Facebook group what they are struggling with and then make them a video to step them through the process. I hope this helps you too.

The Problem

Karen has been using Facebook to boost her posts, but wanted to find out how to expand her audience and increase the size of that audience for targeting with Facebook.


Ad 1

This is a really common problem and so in this video, I am going to share with you how to increase your audience for your Facebook ad campaigns.

As the I go through the video you will see how to target people: 

  • Direct from a boosted post
  • Via Ads Manager
  • Audience Insights Overview


Targeting on Boosted posts

Boosted posts are a great way to increase your visibility on Facebook with your target market. I don’t use them for selling per se, however I have attracted sales from them and so can you.

The main goal with boosted posts is to increase visibility, whether that is with a new audience or people who already know you. My own strategy is to assign a small budget every day and boost my posts to my warmer audiences and then to a colder audience, although I don’t rely on this strategy to boost leads and sales.

Once you create your post there is an option to hit the boost button. Now you will see a panel that has the option to choose your targeting. The default is to target your own audience, people who like you page. You can also target fans and their friends, with the thought that friends will like what their peers like – although this may not always be the case 🙂

As you go on down you can see that there is an option to create a new audience or edit the current audience. Watch the video below to see how it is done live.




Targeting via Ads Manager

The other way to expand your audience for Facebook ads is by using the Ad Manager. This option gives you a little more control around your budget, targeting and scheduling and if you are going to get serious about ads, it’s time to step up from boosted posts.

In another post, you’ll see how Ads manager can also be used to target warm audiences like customers, people who have been on your website and people who look like those already interested in your product or service.



Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook audience insights is a great way to find out more about the audiences available to you. I wrote a whole guide on that very subject right here.

I hope you enjoy the video and if you liked what you learned, please let me know in the comments and share with someone who might need this tutorial.

Your Turn

What’s your biggest challenge with Facebook ads? Email me [email protected] and I’ll add your question to my content plan to create the tutorial that you need.







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