How to Improve your Self-Worth

I ain’t gonna lie, all my writing comes from personal experience. It feels much better to write from this place.

Self-worth is an aspect of myself that I struggled with for a long time, until I started to do some deep inner work and find out the why, the how and what can I do about it.

This post shares the tip of the ice berg, but you might get some insights if you struggle with this aspect of yourself.

Become Self-Aware

Waking up and becoming conscious to your feelings, desire, motives is the first step in achieving higher self-worth.Knowing what our weaknesses are and accepting those is a vulnerable first step to opening pandoras box of self-awareness.

The same can be said for understanding and leveraging our strengths and without an awareness of both, the road to self-worth will be a long one.

There should be no shame either way, only self-compassion for understanding yourself and what makes you tick.

Embrace Self-Care

A tough one for many of the clients I have worked with in the last year. We are living in a highly intense time, chartering our lives in living history with the pandemic. I always thought self-care was about bubble baths and luxuries like spa days and actually I thought they were quite selfish and indulgent acts.

Where did that belief come from?

Self-care is everything from setting personal boundaries for yourself to saying no to others when you can’t give anymore. I am still working on what self-care means to me and how to implement it consistently.

What’s your view of the world?

What I mean is how has your world shaped you. The family you grew up in, the experiences you had as you became an adult, they all have an impact on who you believe you are and how you relate to yourself and your self-worth.

Bingo! This was a defining moment for me. I reached a level of understanding that what I was feeling about my self-worth was directly connected to how I experienced life and my subconscious did a great job building walls and gates to protect me.

The result was that some negative experiences in life, permeated every fibre of my being and set me on a road of unrealised self-abandonment.

There is good news

It’s true. If you can identify with some of my words here, there is good news. We can work on these aspects of ourselves and use techniques in QTT and NLP to untie the trapped emotions of low self-worth to come up to your awareness level and see yourself through the lens of those who love you, support you believe in you and that leads to you creating new emotions and beliefs that will help you move forward in this wonderful life and succeed at anything you want to achieve.

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