How to Create Your Personal Success Plan

Are you at a point in your life where you have spent some time in reflection?

Is it time for you to re-evaluate how you are living your life?

Do you want to create some positive personal change?

In this post, I am going to walk you through the steps that I use in my life coaching sessions with clients to help them tap into creating their very own personal success plan.

How You View the World Determines Your Perception of Success and the Results You Experience

How we live our lives is directly connected to what we have come to believe through our personal experiences living in the world.

Based on those belief systems there may be parts of your life where you can’t seem to propel forward or gain momentum to effect the positive change that you desire.

What is holding us back?

For many fear is the guiding emotion that can stop us dead in our tracks from taking actions that can help us to move forward in our lives.

Fear of rejection, not being enough, not feeling loved and fear of not feeling significant. All very common emotions when people are facing blocks to making progress in areas of their lives.

There are others that come to light too, but I have found that fear is a biggie.

Your Behavioural Codes

It’s ok, there is an answer and a way to move away from fear.

We all have our very own set of behavioural codes that are the driving force of how we live our lives, respond to external experiences and reflect the way in which we see the world.

When you learn to identify yours in certain situations in life, it gives you great freedom to understand yourself and others and to make great progress in your life.

The 7 behavioural codes that you see above were created by Moira Geary to simplify and understand why we do what we do and are a key component to my QTT and life coaching sessions with clients.

Without understanding these codes, progress using life-coaching and NLP modalities in many areas of your life may be short-lived.

The good news is that in a QTT session and through a series of deep discovery questions, we can identify your codes and help you understand what is holding you back from realising your own personal success.

What Does Success Mean to You?

Take a few moments to really think about this one.

Success is subjective, right? However, many people live their lives from a belief that success is what other people say it is, or we determine success by how others view the world and their perception of success based on our experiences with them.

How we were brought up, what our peers deem as success, our experiences with education, work and more recently through the barrage of what we see and hear in media online all contribute to your perception of success.

Regardless of what success means to you. One thing is for sure. Success will only become your reality when your own behavioural codes are met.

Do You need to Re-evaluate your Perception of Success?

Do you need to re-evaluate how you perceive success? If you are feeling unfulfilled this is something you can consider.

When I started my own journey into personal development, it was something I needed time to do.

The pattern I was running around being successful was based on beliefs that I had formed from external influences in my life that I then internalised and created to be my truth.

For example, I believed that to be truly successful you had to be financially loaded and that to be financially loaded you had to work so hard that you would sacrifice everything else that had meaning in your life.

  • Health
  • Relationships with those I love
  • Connection to my spirituality

Throughout my twenties, I took jobs based on salary alone. The goal was to become loaded.


I was making decisions based on a stunted view of success that was driven by external factors that I had impact in my life.

This reflection time in my life led both Jason and I to make a massive decision and re-evaluate how we viewed success.

When I became a mother in 2004, a really strong an internal shift happened. All of a sudden there was this new human in our life who provided a chink of light that made us start to feel differently about life.

In 2007, we eventually made the move to leave corporate life, move to the country and for me, it was a time to nurture, love and grow our family.

That one decision completely changed the trajectory of our lives forever.

For many of those years, we struggled financially, but that gave us the space to understand that as important as money is, putting it at the centre of everything negated the things that were most important to us:

  • Health
  • Relationships with those we love
  • Connection to spirituality

It was a good change, and one that has kept us in a place where we know that to re-evaluate how we perceive success from time to time is an exercise really worth doing.

Letting Go of the Old Limiting Beliefs

Letting go of old limiting beliefs has been the single biggest key to both my own and my clients ability to create an effective personal success plan.

Over all the years learning about myself, how I view the world and how to release the past was by attending two QTT sessions with Moira Geary back in 2015. It was so massively profound in helping me effect change that I became a qualified QTT And NLP practitioner in 2019.

Over the last five years, the momentum of making decisions has picked up and the changes in my life and that of my family are profound.

This personal development modality was created to help you release the old emotions that crop up in your life today.

It is a special key to shifting blocks that hold us back and gives us a clear path to create a personal success plan.

The Steps we Take to Create a Personal Success Plan

I no longer believe that success is to be loaded.

Don’t get me wrong, I love money 😉 and am grateful for every euro that flows into my life.

Success today revolves around my own well-being and that flows into the happiness of my family and friends. The money part helps us to facilitate the things we want to do for others and what we need to enjoy life ourselves.

  • Educate our boys
  • Sustain our beautiful home
  • Travel (albeit this is paused for now)
  • Provide for a comfortable future
  • Help those less fortunate than us

The tool we use regularly to create our personal success plan is the fulfilment wheel aka the wheel of life and covers all the areas that you may want to effect change.

• Career
• Work
• Business
• Finances
• Wealth
• Personal Development
• Life Purpose
• Professional Development
• Learning
• Family
• Spouse/intimate partner,
• Romance
• Spirituality
• Rest and Relaxation
• Friends
• Social Life
• Relationships
• Sports
• Community
• Volunteering,
• Contribution,
• Hobbies
• Fun
• Play
• Recreation
• Physical Environment
• Health
• Wellness
• Self-Care
• Mind-Set
• Stress-Management

Where the focus goes, energy flows and the steps that follow will help you to move forward and create your vision of personal success easily from a place of freedom and dare I say even FUN!

  • Release the blockers holding you back with your very own QTT session
  • Create your feeling of success
  • Focus on your passions in every area of life
  • Make the decisions that will effect the change
  • Set SMART goals for your plan
  • Take action

What does success mean to you? Are you ready to work with a Life coach? Drop me an email to [email protected] to find out more about working with me

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