Getting Fit and Foxy at Forty

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FREE MASTERCLASS (1)As 2016 came to a close, I realized it was the first time in twenty years I had not gained one pound over the Christmas period. For me, this was nothing short of a miracle. For the previous twenty years of my life, I never made ME a priority.

As a result of living an unhealthy lifestyle, I gained over three stone, smoked 15/20 cigarettes a day and used wine to relax in the evenings. After speaking with a lot of other women my age in the last year, I now know I was not alone.

The amazing part of all of this is that I am a leader in all other areas of my life. As a mother, wife, daughter, friend and a leader for my team at work. The one area of my life I failed to lead was with my own health.

In just a few short weeks, I will turn 40. My big goal this past year was to transform my way of doing things. I wanted to become strong, fit and feel foxy and sexy again. I had forgotten what that was like!

In order for me to reclaim my inner foxy, I had to set myself a challenge. As a result, I’ve built an amazing community and if you continue to read and want to join us, you can do that here:


When I started out on this journey, I needed something more than just a weight loss goal. In the past, I had joined slimming clubs, tried shakes, hopped on the starvation bandwagon and none of them worked for me.

Last September, I met with an old pal of mine. Suzi has been in my life as long as I can remember and was the first person to highlight my hair. We had fallen out of contact. As you do in life.

We got chatting again last year and I told her I wanted to change my ways, my body, and my mind. That was when she introduced me to weight training and bodybuilding contests. Initially I though that muscly woman were a little gross to be honest, but I went along to a bikini contest and I was in awe.

I learned what it took to get your body into that kind of condition and that you could stand on a stage in a bikini and what’s more there were women in their forties and fifties competing.

Now, there was no way I had intended that this would be my goal, but I loved the idea of body conditioning and the challenge was big enough for me to have to commit months of transformation and prep.

I decided that day that I wanted to do a photo shoot in a bikini before I turned 40 and so #foxyforforty and the foxy fitness community was born.


The next step after setting your goal is to take action. I knew I would need a LOT of support. Not only what and how to exercise but from an emotional perspective. I knew this was where I could fail. I needed a personal trainer who cared enough to see my vision and take me part or all the way to my goal.

That is when I met Shane Ward at NCC Fitness in Cong. Shane took me under his wing and spent four days a week for three months teaching me how to lift weights, advising me about what to eat and most importantly keeping the vision alive and giving me the emotional support I needed. He was always at the end of a WhatsApp message if I was struggling.

Within 20 weeks, I’d lost the bulk of my excess weight. I was over the moon and Christmas 2016 was amazing on so many fronts. Jason and I bought a house in a lovely place, I had my health and fitness and our boys were so happy.


A huge part of my failures in the past was due to life knocking me down. Something crap would happen and I would lose focus. Descending into weeks of binge eating and drinking to deal with whatever was going on with me emotionally.

This January the first big curve ball was coming and I was really worried about how I would react. We were moving house, which meant I had to leave my routine and the support I had at NCC fitness with Shane.

Luckily for me and as it turned out Shane and I became friends and he was really supportive as I made the transition and found a new trainer. As luck would have it, I’ve landed on my feet and found a fantastic PT who has helped women prepare for goals such as mine before.

Wayne Williams from 12FitHealth took over my training and the transition has been a really positive one. I’ve learned even more about training and nutrition and it looks like the goal of doing a sports photo shoot is going to be realised this June.


Wanting to change is the first ingredient when it comes to lifestyle transformation. Once you make that decision, your path is set. From here you need to get the support, tools and encouraging community to stay consistent.

If that is something you are looking for, The Foxy Fitness group awaits. All you need to do is head to this link and join the fun:

See you there!







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