I am used to hearing businesses giving out about Facebook and saying that it just doesn’t work.

However, I believe that Facebook suits every business, but not every business owner suits Facebook. You see, actually getting results on Facebook takes time, experimentation and real determination. What you put in, you get out!

I know only too well the learning curve that comes with marketing your business online. Having spent over 10,000 hours studying this platform in the last few years, I have learned so much about it.

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In this blog post, I am going to share with you 4 reasons your business is failing to generate sales from Facebook. All I ask is that at the end you share your experiences both bad and good with me and don’t forget that if you have questions, you can ask them in my Facebook group. 


I am a positive person and really prefer to focus on the positive in every situation, BUT the expectations I have seen business owners have about marketing on facebook have been truly outrageous.

Like any form of marketing, generating interest and cultivating relationships on Facebook is the very thing your business needs to focus on. This all takes effort and time on your part as a business owner.

An example of an Irish business doing this amazingly well is Green Earth Organics. They have been using Facebook for a while and I first came across them about 18 months ago.

What makes them great? They share fun, entertaining and really valuable content. Yes, they do sell but they have gone to the trouble of providing consistent value using a mix of content from funny posts to lovely videos.


When I saw their produce in a local store recently, I recognized it and bought all my vegetables from them. Not because they sold to me on Facebook, but because they created really helpful content that was engaging and when I was in the market to buy, I thought of them 🙂


This is the second biggest mistake that businesses make. They jump on Facebook and expect to sell directly to anyone who sees their product or service. The ironic thing about all of this is that I did exactly that when I started using facebook. It happens to all of us who are used to the old way of selling 🙂

In simple terms, you want to bring people on a journey from when they first discover you to when they actually convert into a lead or better still a paying customer. To do this, you need to increase your visibility, earn the trust of people who are coming in contact with you and when you have built that trust, you can ask for the sale.

A simple example of a sales funnel:

  1. Create a really helpful video or blog post that drives traffic to your website: don’t forget to include the Facebook pixel to track these visitors for targeting later.
  2. Re-target these readers with a really cool and highly valuable optin that will help them even more
  3. Send them weekly content via email or put them in a nurture sequence for what you are selling
  4. Ask for the business and use Facebook ads to re-target your list to remind them about your offer.

This is a really simple way to explain it, but you can see that in order to get people from awareness to customer, you need to build trust and always add real value.


Yikes, I see this every single day. Businesses take to Facebook posting their sales pitches, they fail to engage with the people who do take the time to reach out to them and then complain that only 1 or two people saw their post.

Remember, you are on a social network and people come to Facebook to have the experience of hanging out with friends and consuming educational, entertaining and interesting content.

Do you log on to buy something? No, you go to Google for that.

Here’s the difference:

Google: Demand fulfillment – I go there when I am looking for the solution

Facebook: Demand generation – I discover businesses and brands on Facebook who send me to video and blog content that helps me to discover them and then if they are smart they’ll continue to target me with more content until I am ready to buy what they are selling.


I love this Facebook page. It’s run by my friend Vanessa Lewis at Social Catapult in the UK. The Dcuk company sell these adorable decorative ducks and they are a huge hit with customers. Each one has its own personality and the business has worked hard to engage people with stories about the ducks. Check out the amazing comments that they get and the fact that the business responds.

When you respond to comments it shows people you care, but in my experience, it also helps bump your content up the newsfeed.

Each person that interacts with your brand deserves recognition and response, if you ignore them how can you expect to build a relationship with them?


I’m like a broken record when it comes to this topic. Not just because it is against Facebook T&C’s but what is the point in generating a big fan base of people who just want to win your stuff? They come in, enter the contest and likely don’t come back again.

Wouldn’t it be more powerful to get their email address and be able to connect with them every week in your newsletter.

Running contests are a fun way to interact with your prospects, but be smart about it. The most powerful thing you can do on Facebook is grow your database with tons of prospective clients who are eager to hear from you and running contests on an app or via facebook’s new lead ads is a great way to so this.

like n share

Don’t get me wrong, timeline contests are a great way to encourage engagement, crowdsource ideas about new products but they should be used sparingly and with the right goal in mind.

These are just four simple reasons that your business is not generating more leads and sales from Facebook. If you really want to start getting results, it’s time to get strategic.