I’m so passionate about working with female entrepreneurs, who are as invested in their business and helping their clients & customers as I am.

I started my first business in 2011 after leaving the security of corporate life. All I wanted was to create financial freedom my family and help others to thrive in business.

We all have a story and if you’ve come here to find out a little more about me and how I can help, please read on. You’ll find that I love to get to know you and encourage you to reach out to say hello.

The picture you see here is MY WHY. The three boys in my life are what keep me going when business and life get challenging.


I was born & grew up in Dublin, the eldest of two boys and two girls. My parents are hard-working and driven people and whilst growing up and watching my Dad build a massively successful legal career and go on to become a high court judge, I always hoped I’d have his good work ethic.

Fast forward to 2007 and life in the rat race had me burnt out. I was working very long hours and hardly saw my son or Jason. That year we made a big decision.

I was going to give up my full-time corporate job and we would move to the West of Ireland for a better quality of life. Those first few years were amazing, I had another baby and all I had to focus on was my family. I was so happy to have all that time.


In 2011, I started my first business Virtual Office Worx with a goal to provide virtual business services from the comfort of my own home so that I could contribute to the family income.

 That first year was amazing, I had some fabulous clients and everything seemed perfect. Like so many people I know, life took a little U-Turn as the recession really took hold and sent us into a few of the most stressful years of our lives. 


I attended industry conferences such as Social Media Marketing World and since then I’ve had the chance to write for their website, connected with so many amazing influencers and learned some valuable lessons along the way.

One of the highlights in business for to date was to work with people like Emeric Ernoult of AgoraPulse, Ian Cleary of Razor Social and Jon Loomer, all inspirational entrepreneurs whose stories are unique and have inspired me to always take action to move forward with your dreams and aspirations.


In 2016, I was presented with an opportunity that I could not refuse. Emeric (who you see pictured here) offered me the role as his new Sales Director.

For the last two years I have immersed myself in sales and worked with the team at Agoorapulse to implement sales processes, systems and today I spend most of my time training and supporting our sales team.

I love working in a large team again, but I still have the deep desire to help millions of female entrepreneurs who may be walking the road I have travelled.

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