Selling can be hard, can’t it? 

At least that is the belief that I and thousands of sales people all over the world have had about sales either in their past or that is the belief that is likely holding you back from professional and business growth you so badly crave today. 

Even the definition of SALE in the dictionary is kind of off-putting. 

SALE: noun

plural noun: sales

Verb: Exchange of a commodity for money. 

But when we break that definition into pieces it simply means: “A useful or valuable thing that you have, that someone else wants and needs so they give you money to get it. 

It seems so simple and yet for thousands of us selling products and services there can be many blockers stopping us from fulfilling the true potential of where our business can go and the impact we can make on the people we are here to serve. 

“Do you think that what you have to offer is useful to anyone? Or valuable. If not, if you have no belief in what you are trying to sell then you needn’t read any further”. 

If you are passionate about what you sell and want to learn more about how you can scale your product and service, then read on. 


I remember my first ever sales job. It was as a travel agent back in 1998, I was young and ready to take on the world. 

The belief I had about sales then was that it was hard work, you had to convince people to buy, you needed to hustle to do well and that it was dog eat dog. 

Even writing that now, reminds me of the stress that belief about selling brought to my daily working life back then. 

As my career developed and I worked in many industries from travel to insurance and eventually into the software space, I finally learned the secret to smart and profitable selling in the modern wold of human engagement and digital landscapes that we all work in today. 

In fact, the art of selling has not changed as it is deeply rooted in how we engage as humans. 

In 2013, as I sat at my kitchen island with a crappy broadband dongle hanging out the window in a sandwich bag for connection, I had a dream of creating may own self sufficient business that would support my family and help business owners like me who wanted to help more customers. 

In order to really do this well, you need the knowledge, experience and processes to move the dial in your business for growth and I now have that experience, insight and processes to help you do that. 

In my day job as head of sales at Agorapulse, I got the pleasure and opportunity to establish and grow and inside the sales process that grew from a team of 1 to 8 in two years. 

We are a small, lean team that follows a process created to scale and drive the best customers to using our product. 

This process can be used in any coaching, service or product led business. 

With the right tools, technology and approach, scaling your business online will take time and attention in the start, but long term gain is what we are all about here. 

To be successful at selling, all we need to do is remove the blockers that hold us back, open the doors to “listen” to what our perfect buyer needs and when we do that.. your business will grow. 

That simple act is not always so easy. 

We overcomplicate everything, we get overwhelmed by content shock by reading and listening to different sources. We compare ourselves to other peoples stories just by looking at their posts, blogs, stories etc and eventually we become paralysed into inaction and find ourselves looping, not taking any action at all and back to the start of our problem…A feast of selling that leads to in-action and a business that will dry up and die. 

I am so glad that you are on my website and want to learn more about breaking down the barriers of your sales beliefs, helping you build systems that are visible and scalable and providing a community of support and collaboration where we will all grow. 

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