A few weeks ago I was chatting to my friend and colleague Mike Allton at Agorapulse and shared that I’d love to write again, but that I didn’t want to write exclusively about Facebook Marketing. To be honest I was feeling stuck for inspiration but I knew I needed to start somewhere.

If you feel the same way, then take Mike’s advice and brain storm on the topics you know really well and write about those.

The number one thing that I LOVE to do is build relationships with people who are looking at buying solutions. Whether that is in my day job with Agorapulse or the small number of exclusive clients that I still provide Facebook marketing support for.

When I was talking to my long term client Paula Mitten of Durga studio this week we discussed sales conversion and how to get better at it. The conversation led me to dig into my treasure trove of tops sales blogs that I love to read weekly and today I’m sharing them with you.

Marketing your business online is the start or gaining visibility and is essential to build trust with your potential customers but with all the best will in the world, if you can’t convert your leads, your business will suffer. Here are my top recommendations to help you learn to sell more:

  1. InsideSales.com is one of my got to resources. They have a huge library full of great content that will help most business owners who are using digital to drive leads and their content will teach you how to improve your strategies, processes, styles and maybe even open new avenues that you didn’t know existed
  2. Close.io I just LOVE this guy Stelios from Close.io Every single week, he brings you great content on topics that are current with advice that is practical and in a way that is NOT difficult to wrap your head around. Recently they shared a great post from the world’s biggest sales leaders with 50+ pieces of HOT sales advice: http://blog.close.io/sales-advice-tips This is a MUST subscribe to blog if you wanna sell more
  3. Do you want to generate more referral leads? Referrals have always been my number 1 way to generate new business and it’s a really effective way to build your reputation too. Joanne Black at No More Cold Calling also has a huge range of articles, videos and resources that you can use to improve your referral marketing strategies and CLOSE more business. Go check her out 🙂
  4. Marcus Sheridan is my ALL time favourite sales speaker, writer and content creator. When I went to Social Media Marketing World four years ago, this guy blew my mind. He moves a room of almost 500 people to take more action than I have ever seen a sales speaker do. The REALLY cool thing about Marcus, is that he is super passionate and wants to help as many of you as possible. His blog is The Sales Lion and I promise your sales will be roaring and all the people of the jungle will hear your call
  5. The LinkedIn Sales blog is awesome. It’s a collaboration of many writers across industries and shares top modern selling tips and strategies. Actually the one thing I love about this post is the variety of content around sales from industry, to tools to self care in business. It really rocks! Check it out here

The art of sales is at the end of the day, all about building relationships with people and ensuring that you get the opportunity to put your best foot forward. I hope these resources help you in your quest to grow your business.

If you have a sales blog that you think I should add to the reading list, please let me know in the comments 😉