Running Facebook ad campaigns for your E-Commerce store? How’s that going for you?

If you’re wondering what campaigns you should be running, then today’s post will help you set-up a strategy that is sure to convert more sales for your business.

Now, before you start running any ads, it is important to be sure of a few things:

  • Your Facebook Pixel is installed on your website
  • You have set-up custom conversions for your ads
  • You know your conversion rates and goal cost per acquisition

These are just a few of the tips I give to e-commerce advertisers in my training and coaching programs. The number of online businesses who are still missing a massive opportunity to sell on Facebook is mind boggling. My other tip is to make sure you have a product that is hot and you know will sell well to a targeted audiences. Product always comes before sales and if you get that right, you’re off to a great start.

Preparing for your Campaigns

Preparing your assets for you campaigns is essential. I always recommend that you focus on planning your creatives, copy and audiences before you start running the campaigns. If you do this, the actual set-up will be straight forward.

Creatives that I see doing really well right now are all designed for mobile and do a great job at showing off products. If you can get good photography of people having a positive experience with what you are selling. Add a sprinkle of testimonials to your copy and you can get great results on your level 1 campaigns. I’ll talk more about these in a while.

The other thing that works super well optimising images for mobile using 715 x 476 sizing in your images. 90% of the conversions that I’m running in my campaigns are coming from mobile now. That is a big number so creating images that look good on devices is key 🙂

Prep checklist: 

  • Professional photographs in all sizes for placement on mobile
  • Saved Audiences in the Ads Manager
  • That your website is GDPR compliant
  • That the links on your site are mobile friendly
  • You are running an offer to your audiences for first time buyers : this can be a % discount or Free Shipping for example

Campaigns that sell

If you have been reading my content for long enough at this stag you will know that warm audiences convert at a higher rate than cold audiences. I may be preaching to the choir here but it’s true, you have to start by building your audience and for e-commerce I have three main strategies that I like to use

  1. Traffic. Good old fashioned traffic at the top pf the funnel. I usually optimise for landing page views and use a number of audiences from friends of fans, broad demographic targeting and lookalike audiences from success pages and lists
  2. Post Engagement. Oh, I am loving this one at the moment. I create weekly posts with products on them and ask customers to vote for the favourite product. This gives me some feedback on the best products and then I have an audience of people that I can retarget later. Don’t forget you can leverage video and LIVE broadcasts for this too
  3. Add to Cart: This one is working REALLY well for me on colder audiences and moves my audience down the funnel
  4. Retargeting for traffic and video views: Actually retargeting warm audiences on different placements like stories and carousel for traffic warms people up even more and by the time they get to the final step I am seeing that the cost per conversion across the board has dropped – pro tip make sure to use exclusions in your ads so you don’t compete with yourself 🙂
  5. Dynamic retargeting. Ah the holy grail of E-commerce advertising on Facebook and so effective. This is where the magic happens and I always make sure to exclude the people who have purchased most recently so as not to annoy them 🙂

There you have it. 5 Ad campaigns that sell more products for E-Commerce sites. Don’t forget before you go and try these that you need to set a budget and understand your goal cost per acquisition, not to mention the conversion rate of your website. These will be essential when you are working out your budget.

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