4 Brilliant Reasons to Attend Ireland’s First Social Media Summit

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It’s five years in March since I started my journey as an entrepreneur, and I can tell you it was never on my agenda to be one.

In 2007, my family and I left Dublin and I walked out of corporate life to live in the west of Ireland.  I had romantic visions of spending my time walking dogs, horse riding and being a stay at home Mum. I felt I’d given what I could to corporate life.

Social Summit

This post is not a way of sharing my life story, but an example of how attending events like the social media summit has opened up amazing opportunities for my business.

Everything was going swimmingly until 2011 and the recession in Ireland finally caught up with us. You may be wondering what this story has to so with a social media summit. Good question, but you see it has everything to do with the reality of business in Ireland today.

In 2011 I stared a virtual business with the idea of providing admin support to Irish businesses who were no longer in the position to hire full time support staff but needed a qualified and experienced person on a part-time basis. My little business started to grow and in the first 18 months I was back out there with the corporate suit on, except this time without the company credit card to cover my expenses. This time it was all up to me to build my own business.

In the last 5 years my business has evolved and so is my passion about social media and Facebook advertising & marketing in particular that this is now the only service I offer to a small number of exclusive clients.

Fast forward to 2016 and I can tell you business is more than good. I am working with the kind of companies I always dreamed of, I’m recognised in my industry as an expert and I have total career fulfilment.

In 2014, I had to invest over €4,000 of my own money travelling to America to attend an event like the Social Media Summit. I went to San Diego to Social Media Marketing world and it was the best decision I ever made.

What if you don’t have that kind of money to invest? This kind of opportunity at home was not available for me then but it is in 2016 for YOU!

Last October my friend Samantha Kelly aka The Tweeting Goddess said she was going to put on this event. My answer? Go for it! The business people of Ireland will love it and so far the bookings are out the door.

If you are still on the fence, here are 4 brilliant reasons to attend the Social Media Summit in Dublin next week.

#1 learn from those who walk the talk

The quickest way to learn about successful social media marketing strategies and digital marketing is to learn from people who are already walking those steps. The social media summit is hosting a handful of world experts in Dublin on the 1st and 2nd of March.


There are two days of workshops and presentations across all platforms with some amazing speakers from home and abroad. You can find out about all of them here: 

#2 Amazing Networking

When I travelled to San Diego the last two years to attend the Social Media Marketing world event, the best aspect was the networking. You have the opportunity to meet the speakers, connect with other businesses and expand your connections.

After all social media is all about relationships, from establishing them to nurturing them. The single biggest driver of my business success has been the people I have met. Going to these events isn’t about presenting your best sales pitch. It is about meeting other like minded people and finding out how you can help them. This healthy approach to business is what leads to solid foundations in modern business.


The location for this year’s event is the beautiful Aviva stadium, home to the Irish Rugby team and located in the heart of Dublin. Come along and learn, have some fun and make new connections with people in this amazing industry.

#3 The most giving community

As I said earlier, I’ve had a colourful career in many industries. By far the most giving and helpful community I have ever had the pleasure to do business with is in the social media space. Unlike other industries where people are very cagey about their strategies the social media community are the most giving.

The lovely thing about social media is that it opens up the whole world to you and your business. Who would have thought that 5 years ago I’d be sitting in my conservatory in Clonbur, Co.Galway on a Sunday morning writing this blog post about an event I am speaking at. These are the kind of opportunities that open up for people who put in the time, effort and passion.

What I love most about working in this space and using it to help my business, is that there is plenty of work for all of us and there is no better feeling than creating opportunities for others.

As a nation, the Irish are amazing innovators and those who have left this beautiful island have flourished. This new way of communicating means that you don’t have to leave to build an International business.

Jon & Emeric

Jon Loomer – Jenny Brennan – Emeric Ernoult

This is a picture of me with two of my favourite clients at Social Media Marketing World in 2015. These relationships were both started on social media, followed by real life interactions.

#4 Opportunities for Collaboration

Another BIG win for the social media industry is the exciting collaborations that you witness! This is another thing I have been doing more and more of in my own business. By working with other like-minded people who are talented, you can grow your business and provide your community with amazing value.

I used to think I had to do it all, but that is no longer the case. These types of events are the prefect way to meet collaborative partners and open your network.


As Facebook has been a central part to my own business, I’ve recently partnered with my good friend Antonio Calero to present a Blab every Thursday night. We talk about all things social media and our goal is to make it easy for small business owners to understand and implement processes that move the dial in their business.

Again, another relationship that was nurtured via Social Media. My story is not that unusual and social media and the way we interact with it is helping people all over the world to grow in ways they never even thought imaginable.

Are you coming?

I could actually write a whole book on all the reasons you should come to this event. But from someone who has invested thousands of her own money leaving Ireland to attend such events – I would recommend you take that leap of faith, grab this opportunity and invest a small amount for you to get the best content, networking opportunities and fun just down the road.


Are you coming? Comment with your favourite social media profile link below and let’s connect before the event.

Yours socially, 

Jenny B xx






One thought on “4 Brilliant Reasons to Attend Ireland’s First Social Media Summit”

  1. All excellent points Jenny, it’s a pivotal moment on the social media landscape in Ireland and this event is just the injection we need. The line up is just amazing! I think the two days of formal workshops and speakers is paired up brilliantly with the non-formal social evenings before each day. I look forward to seeing you over the breadth of the conference 🙂

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