3 Reasons your kids should teach you to use Snapchat – #GaryVeeDublin

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When I first saw Snapchat, I thought OMGEE another channel for me to master. Then one night as my eleven-year-old sat on the couch watching football, I became curious.  He was snapping certain parts of the match and adding them to his story.

As I work in the social media space, I had an account of course but no clue what the hell to do with it. In this post I am going to share the reasons I think you should be using it and if you’re lucky to have a young person in your life – get lessons from them, not a $500 e-book!

My snapchat teacher spent that whole evening showing me how to create stories, add friends, chat from other stories. Not only that but this young man taught me to listen to what people were saying and doing on snapchat.

My boy taught me to use snapchat

So why is this so relevant? Well on March 21st I had the opportunity to see Gary Veynerchuk live in Dublin. As a late thirty-something Mom and business owner and pretty new to this entrepreneur lifestyle, I like to invest in myself by going to events that inspire and I was sure Gary would deliver.

It was so exciting to me that Jamie White a young 27 year old entrepeneur from Dublin was taking a huge risk at bringing Gary here for Leading Social’s first ever spotlight event.

Speakers (1)

My mantra in this life is:

It’s fair and honest to say, I wasn’t a massive fan of Gary’s, but I have watched my fair share of the #DailyVee and after this event I’ll be listening to him MORE!

#1 The Biggest Culture Shift in society is NOW

When Gary Vaynerchuk took to the stage in Dublin, everyone listened. Gary has spent over twenty years of his young life building businesses and has a gift for seeing what’s coming next. He walks the talk and doesn’t mince his words!

Gary said that we should be leveraging and enjoying the fact that we are now living in the single biggest culture shift in our society and in our lifetime. You see fact is, we have a heavy “age-downing” in our society.


What does that mean? Well if you are in your late thirties like I am, try and think back to when you parents were our age. Mine seemed older than I do now. In fact, I giggle at this because at the event I met a lovely woman and her son Shane who both thought I was in my twenties. When I look at my Mum in her sixties, she seems younger now than she did in her forties!

Think about this for a moment. In 2005, we had the Facebook generation. Every young 19 year old was using Facebook! Now we have the Snapchat generation, except every child from the age of 14 – 45 is using it 🙂

Why? Because those of us at the upper end of this age spectrum want to feel part of the gang and in my opinion, it’s how we can interact with our kids in a meaningful way – YES I said that 🙂

#2 We are Cougars & Snapchat is your radio

Oh my god, the next part of Gary’s talk about Snapchat made me laugh so hard! AT MYSELF!! Apparently out generation (late thirties and forties) are the  #cougarselfie generation. Yup that is me. In fact, they call me the selfie queen at home. I’m 38 and love an aul selfie 🙂

Gary’s point though, is that this shift in our society means that we are getting younger by learning from and interacting with the younger generation. So I believe that the word millennial is not unique to those under 23 but applies to any of use willing to embrace new ways of communicating and respecting and learning the channels being created.

Gary V

Gary talked about the evolution of where the ATTENTION is! The market is the market and it doesn’t matter how much you think your product or service rocks – you need to be where the attention is going and today that is Snapchat!

Each of us has a phone in our pocket or at least no more than a few inches from our hand at any one time. This is your media source. When the commercials come on TV, we go straight to the phone to interact on social and that is where the brands, celebrities, businesses and YOU can start a conversation, listen and interact with your audience.

Snapchat is today’s radio – use it to LISTEN and engage. As marketers, there is a fear that we will kill it and I’m sure we will give it our best shot. For me it’s purely a community builder.

Notice how I didn’t mention SELL. That’s a topic for a whole other day!


Are you planning to retire? Personally, I never want to, because that is the day I will die. I want to keep working on projects and learning new things. As this shift in society continues, the age range of retirement is going to be a lot older anyway.

I mentioned earlier that the market is the market. It’s time for us all to listen to what is happening and turn our focus to where the attention is. Gary’s message was to BRING VALUE in anything that you do.

Love this message, and it resonates because those who’ve generated sales from me have brought me the most value for free first. You see the shift is not just in technology and platforms, but in the way we connect and grow through relationships and the way in which we sell has changed FOREVER!


Listen to your kids and grandkids when they come along. It’s time yo get hip and cool peeps! Leave your ego and hopes at the door. Be the surfer that you know you are and respect the market.

Start thinking like a user and continue to build more value for your community. It takes time, hard work and as Gary says #Hustle (another subject for another day).

I’m really enjoying snapchat right now. Not just from a creative point of view, but from a connection, listening and learning perspective. So if you are using it, add me and let’s connect. Let’s leverage what we can learn from our kids, stay young, AND…


If you are on snap chat, upload your snapcode below and let’s connect xx

Jenny B 









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