Getting Fit and Foxy at 40 by 2017



2016 has drawn to a close and the first day of January is coming to an end. For the first time in twenty years I have not gained one pound over the Christmas. I’m not saying this to brag believe me, the struggle is real and the last three months of my fitness journey has been eye opening.

The BIG 40 is looming in July. Maybe you are 39 like me or perhaps you are lucky enough to be a little younger, but the thought of turning 40 brings a bag of mixed emotions.

I have finally found an inner confidence, strength and personal power and determination that has jumped up and kind of surprised me and I feel like I am in control of my life.

Finally, at 39 I feel strong both emotionally and mentally. I have overcome many obstacles and difficult scenarios in my thirties but one thing I never mastered was the love and appreciation of the body that I am so fortunate to have.

So for the coming weeks and months in this my 40th year, I am going to take you on a journey. It is a personal mission and I hope that it will inspire you to start your own mission.

A little back story

If this is the first time we have met, you are welcome to my blog. It looks a little different around here now because I am making some changes. In the past, I wrote about Facebook marketing and advertising only, but I wanted to add a more personal aspect to my blog. I will still write about digital marketing as that is what I love too, but you’ll get to know me on all levels.

Sitting here tapping on my laptop is easy because the story I am about to share with you means a lot to the many people in my close circle who are being inspired by it. I just thought that maybe I would document it on this blog and share it with more people. Perhaps you will get something from the stories too.

I feel like I’ve spent the last 10 years growing up. I’ve had my babies, nurtured my relationships, lost money, felt desperate and built my own business that grew from my kitchen table and contributed to our family home when we needed it most. I’ve now landed myself in the role of my dreams as a sales director of an International company (Agorapulse) and I get to do what I love from my comfy leather chair that sits on top of my stairs.

Life is pretty good to be honest, but something has always been missing for me. I have struggled to love myself all of my life. As I type these words, the tears are falling, because I am so sad that it took me this long to see what a wonderful human I really am and how much love I have to give the world around me.

So this being the last year of my thirties, I decided it was time to step up and take control of my biggest vices. My addiction to food and total lack of care for my body is my number one agenda in this the last year of my thirties.

Set a goal

Everyone says you should set a goal. 7lbs, 14lbs, 2 stone. Whatever that goal is. The thing is I have set these goals, reached them and then went back up the scales again only to feel more miserable.

In order to find success, I believe you have to set a big goal, one that will scare you a little and make you wonder if you can really achieve it. For me, it’s not about the scales anymore. It’s about the outcome. That outcome for me right now is that I want to pose for a sports photo shoot by my 40th birthday. This is my goal and I have my own reasons for wanting to achieve it.

Sharing this jouney on my blog will keep me accountable and perhaps help a few people along the way.

What goal have you in mind? Getting into that dress that is hanging in the wardrobe and has been peeping at you. You know the one you can’t bear to throw out because you paid a fortune for it!

Get a coach or personal trainer

In order for any of us to reach our goal we need support. In recent months I heard my friends talking about their PT’s. To be honest, I thought it was a little self-indulgent and a waste of cash. However, watching the results they got, I knew that this would be worth the investment for me.

How was I going to afford to hire a PT? Someone who would keep me accountable and kick my ass when I needed it? Quit my vices. That was the answer. I am ashamed to say that I used to spend €300-€350 a month on cigarettes and wine at the weekends (the four day weekends). This was how I was comforting myself and filling whatever gap that was there.

Anyway, long story short a really good friend of mine told me about fitness classes locally and finally after months of her telling me to try it, I did!

I rocked up for an induction at NCC fitness. The owner is Shane Warde and he was really encouraging and welcoming. I had my photos taken (never felt so vulnerable or out of shape) my stats were recorded and we decided on a plan that would fit my life and short term goals. That was three months ago now. As you can see from the photos here I have made some amazing progress.


That  I made the decision to never ever feel bad about my body again. I decided that I was going to be it’s best caretaker, love it and be proud of it.

Follow the #FoxyForForty Journey


This is only the beginning. If you want to get fit and foxy and you’re in your thirties or indeed 40 has passed you by a little, that is ok too. We are all in this together.

My promise to you is to share my full and honest experiences, the good the bad the ugly AND I have a secret weapon to make it even easier!!

PT Shane is going to share his expertise with you all too. Every week he will have a spot on this blog to share his top tips and set us some challenges for the week ahead. Watch out for our longer challenges along the way, these will be based on the outcome of our work and will help you too. We will be making videos of the exercises (you can watch me struggle and win) broadcast from the Facebook group every now and then and you can add me on snapchat if you love it there too at jennybrennanvow.

The goal here is to be FOXY by the time I am forty. Don’t forget that everyone’s foxy is subjective so whatever foxy means for you GO FOR IT!!

Lots of Love

Jenny B xxx