How To Create and Promote a Dark Post For Multiple Audiences

dark postI get asked this question every single week. How do I create and promote a dark post for multiple audiences?

First off I want to demystify the myth that there is anything secret about a dark post. All it means is that you are creating a post that will not be seen on your page, but that you can include additional text, a call to action and promote it to multiple audiences to test the results.

That’s it plain and simple.

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How to Use Facebook Audience Insights to Find Your Ideal Customers

blog imageIs your business leveraging the power of Facebook’s integrated tools? This summer 1 in 7 people logged into Facebook in one single day. That’s 1 billion active users!

The opportunities for your business are vast. Having said this, the biggest problem many businesses have is finding the perfect audience amongst this massive audience.

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